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We’ve all seen the celebrities on TV with those beaming white smiles. And we have done our best to have one of those smiles, though ours doesn’t seem to have that certain dazzle. What can you do to get that glowing white smile? Today’s modern dentistry offers several options, from toothpaste to professional treatments, depending on the level of whiteness you’d like to achieve.

The most basic form of teeth whitening is available as toothpaste, but did you know that all toothpaste contains small abrasive components that gently polish the surface of your teeth, removing discoloration caused by surface staining. Other over the counter whitening products typically contain a bleaching agent – such as hydrogen peroxide – to lighten the color of your teeth by chemically bleaching them.

If you are looking for a professional whitening treatment, you may be offered two different whitening options. The first is a custom-made, take home tray, using chemicals stronger than over-the-counter trays, but working on the same basic principle. Beyond the trays, dentists can often perform whitening in the office, using light and heat activated bleaching chemicals, providing a significant whitening in as little as 60 minutes. Because the procedure is supervised by a dentist, much stronger chemicals can be used, and much more dramatic results can be seen almost immediately.

No matter which method of teeth whitening you choose, the results will likely not be permanent. Your teeth are exposed to foods and drinks that will stain them over time, but your dentist can advise you on the proper procedure for repeating the whitening process at regular intervals.

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