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If you have diabetes, is it important that you make certain lifestyle changes in order to maintain your health levels. But what patients generally tend to forget is their dental health. This is an issue because our dental health leads to many of our general health issues, so it is important to maintain or improve your current dental health state. This is because people who suffer from diabetes are at higher risk to develop mouth infections, periodontal (gum) disease, dry mouth, and fungal infections (thrush).

What is the link? Well, besides the fact that many infections enter our bodies through our mouths, if you have poor dental hygiene, it is likely you will develop periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can increase your blood glucose level as well as rot away gums and bones that keep your teeth in place; this can lead to painful chewing problems or loss of teeth.

Dry mouth occurs when you do not produce enough saliva. Not only does your mouth lack the proper saliva levels to cleanse your mouth naturally, if combined with diabetes, a fungal infection called thrush could develop. This is because diabetes may raise the glucose level of your saliva. Thrush is characterized by painful white patches inside your mouth.

Now, what can we do with this newfound knowledge? To keep your teeth and mouth healthy, follow these steps: control blood glucose, brush and floss every day, inform your dentist if your dentures are causing your gums to become sore, and quit smoking since it makes gum disease worse. Paying close attention to your dental health can assist you in keeping a beautiful, healthy smile.

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