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Are you someone that needs that cup of joe to kickstart your mornings? Are you a mess until you do? Studies show we consume an average of 3 cups of any variety of coffee a day in the United States. That’s about 150 million Americans in that same boat with you. It may help you get going, but it is also harming your smile.

The cons of coffee are well-known – staining, coffee breath, etc. Coffee stains appear to be even more persistent than tobacco stains, in fact. According to one study that compared the two types of stains, coffee-stained teeth were more resistant to toothbrushing and more likely to become discolored again following a bleach treatment.

But did you know that teeth stained by coffee tend to be sticky and apt to attract food particles and bacteria? It’s true! Acids in coffee directly attack your tooth enamel, leaving teeth vulnerable to cavities, cracks and breaks. Bacteria left in your mouth love to feed off the acids found in coffee, and multiply rapidly becoming responsible for cavities, gum disease, and bad breath.

But what are the pros of coffee? A Boston University study found that chugging that daily cup of joe may help protect your teeth from periodontal disease, the inflammation of your gums and jawbone. After studying more than 1,000 men for up to 30 years, the researchers found that those who drank one or more cups of coffee each day had fewer teeth with bone loss, bleeding of the gums or development of bacteria-collecting pockets around the teeth.

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