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Going Green

It's easy being Green.

Our patients' smiles are not the only beneficiaries of the latest technological advances in modern dentistry; the environment is served as well.

For example, we've gone paperless. That's right; all our files and patient records are now created and stored electronically, substantially reducing the use of forest products and the production of paper waste generated from our office.

In addition, the newly installed, ultra-modern digital x-ray equipment decreases exposure by 90 percent and produces no hazardous wastes.

Finally, all restorations and fillings we craft for you are made with materials derived from porcelain, eliminating the personal health risk caused by old-fashioned metals and mercury and also reducing public safety concerns about the deposit of mercury in landfills.

We have made a significant move toward ecological, waste-reducing technologies and materials, and we are dedicated to investing in and creating the healthiest solutions available for our patients and our natural environment.