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CEREC and Restorations

The way your smile is meant to look.

Dark, conspicuous old crowns and fillings can keep a smile from being as luminous as it is meant to be. Dr. Johns is pleased to provide CEREC One-Visit Crown technology to restore and reshape teeth. Utilizing CEREC One-Visit Crown technology or simply replacing old fillings with the latest tooth-colored material, repairs can be virtually undetectable and make smiles look like new - brilliant, natural-looking, and picture perfect.

What's more, tooth-colored restorations actually enhance tooth strength because they bond with and repair dental structure. Metallic restorations and silver-amalgam fillings expand and contract with environmental changes, causing damage, cracking, and breakage. Instead, tooth-colored restorations protect and improve the tooth and root structure, do not irritate gums, and present no danger of leakage over time.

To learn more about CEREC One-Visit Crown technology or restorative treatment options, please click here to email us, or call our office at 650-697-2073.