Root Canal Therapy In Millbrae, CA

Do you have a large crack in your tooth? Are you suffering from an abscess or is your tooth extremely sensitive to heat, cold, or pressure? You could be an excellent candidate for gentle root canal therapy.

Chris Johns, DDS proudly offers the very best root canals near Millbrae and Burlingame because we complete many root canals in just one day! No temporary crown or follow-up visit required!

Dentist Chris Johns and Ronnie at the Millbrae, CA dentist office where people can get cleanings and root canal treatment. If the idea of a root canal makes you feel nervous, our team has plenty of safe solutions to calm your nerves. We offer oral sedation to our patients who are anxious about undergoing a root canal. This gentle sedation can help you relax during your root canal and some people actually fall asleep! We are happy to discuss our sedation options with you.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canals are made to eradicate infection that has made its way to the pulp of the tooth. These common procedures help stop the spread of infection and even help save the tooth from requiring extraction.

During root canal therapy, Dr. Johns will remove the living tissue inside your tooth, including the nerves, and will excise any bacteria or decay. Once complete, our root canal dentist will fill the chamber with a medicated material before topping it off with a natural-looking same-day dental crown.

One-Day Root Canals With CEREC®

Many dentists and endodontists require at least two office visits - one for the root canal and the other for the permanent crown fitting.

Luckily, Dr. Johns has invested in the revolutionary CEREC same-day dental crown system, an advanced machine that allows him to custom-craft tooth crowns right here, in-house. This means you will receive your permanent dental crown on the very same day as your initial treatment.

No uncomfortable temporary crown, two-week waiting period, or second visit required!

How Much Do Root Canals Cost?

Your total root canal cost will depend on the terms of your dental insurance plan. Chris Johns, DDS is proud to accept most major dental insurance plans from the nation's top carriers. If you need extra help managing your investment, our team will help set you up with a no-interest or low-interest monthly financing plan through CareCredit®.

If you have any questions about your dental insurance or our financing plans, we are always here to help!

Schedule Your Consultation With Chris Johns, DDS Today!

If you’re experiencing dental pain, it’s important to schedule an appointment with Dr. Johns as soon as possible.

Dental abscesses, cracked teeth, and large cavities cannot heal themselves and it’s imperative to treat them immediately to help keep the rest of your mouth healthy and pain-free – and to protect yourself from potentially dangerous systemic infections.

A consultation with Dr. Johns is the perfect way to get the answers to your oral health questions and decide if root canal therapy or other restorative dentistry procedures are needed to help restore your smile.

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